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The optimum service of FLYN is offered to apply painting in interiors and exteriors in buildings, houses, condominiums, commercial establishments, residences, offices and other buildings existing in the social scope where we are discovered.

Painting kitchen cabinets is very popular nowadays. Why replace your whole kitchen? if by only painting your cabinets can make a significant change to your kitchen. This might seem like an easy thing to do but for a long lasting job there are certain steps that need to be accomplished for an awesome quality job. In our company we have the professionals that will help you reach your goal and have an amazing looking kitchen and a very satisfied customer.

We offer the drywall installation service with professional personnel, highly trained and qualified in the labor market. The service represents for flyn, the delivery of an excellent work in the right time and of high quality level, according to the demands of the client. We are efficient and your remodeling in our hands will be a reality. 
 We work for those who request the service, in establishments such as: builders, real estate, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, bars, houses, gym, condominiums, schools, universities, clinics, hospitals, offices, among others. 
 Experience in: divisions, ceilings, facades, floors, sky panels, among others.


It is very important to properly prepare the surface that’s going to be painted and the first thing that customers need to do is the carpentry services. Our carpenters are skilled artisans who can construct, install and renovate structures made of wood and other materials, ranging from kitchen cabinets to house frameworks.

Pressure wash is the main step of painting the exterior of your home. If you want a long lasting job and do not have to paint your house for years pressure washing is very important for those results. Pressure washing helps remove loose and chipping paint and helps ensure a very clean surface perfect for painting. If you skip this step then most likely the paint would not stick to the surface.

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